Gender Payment Gap

Men and Women should get Payed Equally for Performing Corresponding Work

Gender payment gap is worldwide it happens at small stores and big companies. Many people are trying their best to put an end to it so please join those people. And help every women gain their equality for their payment wage. Payment gap happens with women being underestimated, experiencing payment wage between men and women, and men and women not seeing a woman's capability. We're going to be talking about payment wage which is a problem since generations, women are earning less just because they're valued less. And women of color are earning even less as people barely take notice of them, Which we as a society need to change the payment gap, so women are valued the sasme as men. By showing them that all women should have equal payment as they work equally as hard as you. Now if you see the U.S. women's national soccer team won the World Cup in July 2019, and still earning less than the men which were losing most of their games. The women in the soccer team worked so hard and with their dedication they won that trophy/money so when you pay them less, you're making them think that they don't earn that much money, when the men lost and still got more. Which is so unfair to them, just like you being first in a game but someone who is third or second gets the better prize. How would you react to that, I am pretty sure you would get mad. And this is happening to someone who is playing for their country or state so please, if you see payment wage happening anywhere please put a stop to it proffesionally by joining campaigns or protests. We Feminists will never go down! Equal Soccer women can